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Hello again!

It's not a secret that I am a huge fan of Gigi Hadid. I think she is so stylish and gorgeous and I love the fact that she promotes that she's not the 'typical' model size.

Her style is right up my alley and I would love to be able to dress like her. I love how basic her everyday outfits are and how easily they can be applied in everyday life, not just in Gigi's world. #OutfitGoals

I've chosen my 7 favourite outfits, counting down to my favourite outfit of all.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and let's get right into it!

 7 ✰ Gigi made this top stylish! I have seen this top non-stop in stores and on girls since she wore this! And I am still waiting to get my hands on it!

I love the look of the colours being quite bland and washed out , making the glasses and heels really stand out. I love the classic pumps, I am always finding myself leaning towards them myself. I feel like they just make the whole outfit look put together and classy.

Ripped denim jeans a always definite go, in fashion. These ones have quite big rips, making the outfit look a bit more edgy.

I love the clutch with this look instead of a bag,  as the coat is quite long and a bit chunky , and I feel like if she had chosen a bag (depending on the style and size) this look wouldn't have looked so good.

 6 ✰ HELLLOOOO GIGI *Insert heart eyes emoji*!

This has to be one of her most daring looks, and I absolutely love it!

I love everything about this, the pattern, the amount of skin, the black, the length, the cut, everything! It is so edgy and cool , and definitely something I haven't seen on a celebrity except her.

I love the minimal makeup and the sleek straight hair.

And of course, the shoes....

She looks like the ultimate girl boss.

5 ✰ Now, a lot of people would have probably rated this outfit higher. But,  I just thought it wasn't the best outfit that I've ever seen her in.

This white two piece makes her look like an absolute goddess. The top is showing the right amount of boob-age and the laced up top is such a trend this season, along with the chunky cut out collar.

The skirt is absolutely divine, she is showing the right amount of leg and her body looks banging.

Again, the makeup is so simple yet gorgeous.
And the hair?!? Is so so amazing, I love her hair in this style of the bob, it's something we don't usually see Gigi pull.

4 ✰  This is my favourite outfit Gigi has ever worn on the red carpet by far! I remember the day I saw this, and I was like wow, you girl are bomb. And then I really wanted a jacket like this of my own!

So, let's just start off with the jacket. Uhm, what is not to like about this. First of all, it has her freaking name on the back of it! And the colour is absolutely beautiful. LOVE!

And the two piece she wore under the jacket , in the same colour looked amazing. Usually I'm not a fan of the same colour layered on top of each other, but I became a fan of this colours layers instantly.

Love the length of the skirt too.

I can't even say any more because I just want it.


I am so in love with this outfit , that I don't really have many words but I'm going to try damn hard to appreciate my love for this.

Firstly the colour scheme is amazing, I love the long off creme jacket that matches perfectly with the skirt. It looks amazing with the clean white button up shirt underneath (which I have been insanely into lately).

And I am living for the matching sparkle on the jacket and clutch. I'm not really too much of a sparkley girl , but in my opinion this is just enough sparkle for me.

The only thing I'm not loving too much are the colour of the heels, I think a nice white pair would've been amazing.

I love how sophisticated and classy she looks. She is just stunning.

2 ✰ Honestly, my favourite casual outfit ever Gigi has worn by far! This was the first photo that I ever saw of Gigi, and yes this is the outfit that started my obsession. She looks like a cool, modern Sandra Dee from Grease.

Love the leather jacket, love the top, love the pants, love the sunglasses, love the boots especially!

I just love this whole outfit. And every time I look at this outfit, A- I want all of it, B- I want to be cool enough to wear it, and C- I want a place to wear this!

It's an outfit that has so many endless opportunities to wear it, and the items are so basic that you can easily recreate this outfit yourself.

Absolute love.

1 ✰  LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Gigi's birthday suit!

I specifically chose this photo, because it's so beautiful and Gigi really appreciates every part of her body and it shows.

Yes, she wears amazing clothes that she slays but, she slays them because she is so comfortable in her own skin that it just makes the outfits 10x better.

I'm not saying you have to go out and get fit to wear any of these clothes but I am saying, be comfortable with yourself.

Wear your new beautiful dress with a smile, wear your sweatpants you wore yesterday with a smile, wear that shirt you've had for years that is so old but you just can't throw it out with a smile.

Honestly, whatever you are comfortable in is the best outfit for you.

So, leave a comment telling me your favourite outfit from Gigi?

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'll see you soon!

Much Love,

Shannon xxxx

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