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Hello everyone, 

It's that time of year again... Christmas!! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, but it can get really confusing with what to gift everyone!!

So, I've designed a list that may and hopefully inspire and help you with what to buy your loved ones this year!

1. Gift sets: Gift sets from places like Mecca and Sephora will really satisfy the makeup lovers. There are so many from brands like Too Faced, Benefit and Tarte for example. You can even find some mini gift sets if you don't want to splurge too much money.
2. Organiser: An organiser or diary for 2017 is the perfect gift as the year winds up and we begin another one! There are so many diaries to choose from. I know Kmart have some luxury looking ones for really cheap or you can get a more expensive and nicer one, the choice is really yours! Another idea is a fitness organizer or weekly planner, I really like these because it can help people be organised and motivated.
3. Polaroid Camera: Polaroid cameras are great, I've wanted to get my hands on one for a really long time. I also love how they come is so many colours, so that you can personally choose a colour specifically for that special someone. Another great thing about Polaroids is that they can capture memories to keep.
4. Fluffy Slides: These damn fluffy slides. These slides are everywhere and are such a trend at the moment. I LOVE AND NEED. 
5. Calvin Klein Set: Something that I am obssessed with is my Calvin Klein set. They literally have the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn ever. If you're stuck with ideas, a set from CK would be the way to go. 

1. Go Pro: If you have a bit more money to spend on him this Christmas get him a GoPro. GoPro's are seriously so great for anyone and can be used for anything. It's definitely on my list.
2. Watch: A special watch for someone is always a great idea. And, they also price differently, depending on what brand or style you want to get. They are also such a practical gift and, of course your boy will love it.
3. Branded Underwear sets/socks: Boys love this stuff! A really nice set or underwear or socks like Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein, can make him feel super special. Boys don't really splurge on big brands for underwear or socks, so this would be a great present idea.
4. UE boom: Portable Speakers are also really handy to have. UE Boom is the brand I recommend to everyone. They are so easy to transport and have great sound quality and battery power. UE Boom also have 2 different styles that you can look into depending on your price range.
5. Pen: If you want to get your loved one something a bit more special, a really nice pen is the way to go. Hugo Boss have some really nice ones, and I'm sure there are many more brands that can fit into your price range. Pens are always handy and can be a bit more special to use one that has been gifted.

1. Fitbit: Fitbits are great for everyone. Especially if they are interested with becoming fit for the new year. There are also so many styles and colours for everyone and one that could possibly fit the budget. I got my mum one last year and she loved it.
2. Suitcase: Suitcases are great if you are heading off on holidays soon. Such a great idea to buy your loved one a new suitcase and maybe even fill it with a few travel essentials!!
3. Headphones: Headphones are always a great idea... Enough said.
4. Fragrances: There are some great fragrances out there, even some unisex ones like Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 or CK2.
5. Portable Charger: Super great for those people who are always on the go. Portable chargers are always good for those tech geeks or busy workers. 

1. Coupon book: Always super cute if you are on a budget. This is also great if you often get bored with your partner, just pull out the book and use a coupon!! 
2. DIY Photo Calender - I think this is such a cute idea to give someone special in your life. You could even do this with all your gifts! It's also a great idea for a last minute gift!! Here's one that I absolutely adored -
3. Bath Bombs: Believe it or not, bath bombs are actually super easy to make. There are so many recipes on Pinterest which will help you out with creating your own!!
4. Dream Catchers: Such a gorgeous and personal gift for your friends. You can also make it really personal and special for them. It is also a really great gift idea if you have forgotten a present and need to get one ASAP, without it costing too much.
5. Coffee Scrubs: AMAZING GIFT IDEA. It can also be used for anyone. Again there are so many recipes for this and if you make a big batch and just package them beautifully, it can look like you spent loads of money and time for those special people. Also really great as a last-minute gift which isn't too expensive.

So, there is a few ideas for gifts that you can get for your loved ones. 

Hope this helped! And Merry Christmas!!

Much Love, 
Shannon xx

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