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Hi everyone! Long time no blog!

For this blog, I got the opportunity to team up with is a super awesome site which helps you to find cheap holiday rentals in places like Florida. Recently I've been dying to go on a holiday, and seeing this site made me realise that they can save you so much cash, which can be used for spending money 😉. got me thinking what my essentials are to bring to the beach or on a tropical holiday. 

1. Sunscreen / Tanning Lotion
The amount of times that I have gotten extremely sunburnt at the beach is getting to be ridiculous. I never forget it now. Please make sure that you pack sunscreen or tanning lotion as, I can't stress enough how much you will be in pain for the next few weeks and, of course we want to avoid skin cancers. I usually use SPF 50+ just to be that extra bit covered and tend to lean towards waterproof sunscreen. Stay safe! 

2. Some Cute Bathers
Of course after the health and skin safety, I go straight towards what cute bathers I should wear. My go-to is from Seafolly Australia which you can see to the left on Gigi Hadid. Obsessed.

3. Book
A book is necessary for me to bring. If I don't bring one I get really fidgety, get bored and want to leave. Usually I go to the beach with my boyfriend and he loves to stay there for a while. So, to help past the time and not annoy him, I need to pack a book. The book I was reading this Summer was the Khloe Kardashian, "Strong Looks Better Naked", which I highly recommend.

4. Earphones
Again a must! Once I get too bored of the book I'm reading, I am looking for something else to occupy me! I love listening to music while on the beach. However, I don't like disturbing others beach day, so I opt for earphones. Something about listening to music on the beach just makes you feel so happy and amazing!!

5.  Sunglasses
Hello. I need to talk about this. Sunglasses. Are. A. Must. Why you might ask? When tanning on my back my eyes get super sore from the sun, so UV protected glasses are a must for me. Usually I wear my glasses all the time on the beach to protect my eyes and when tanning it is sunglasses + a top/shirt on top to protect my eyes. I am always about protection especially with my eyes.

6. Water
Being on the beach for hours can really dehydrate you. I like to bring a 1-litre water with me to sip on and keep hydrated. I also like to drink a whole other bottle when I get home just to be extra safe!

7. Fruit
Fruit is a essential. There is nothing better than Summer fruits on the beach. Mangoes, Watermelon, Oranges, Grapes and Apples are my favourites. 

8. Cover-Ups
Just to be a little more safe I always like to bring a cover-up. Whether that is a casual tee or a beach dress, I like to have that option to cover and protect my skin if I'm at the beach for a long period of time. 

9. GoPro
I am obsessed with making videos. If there is any opportunity to make a cool video or get a cool photo, my GoPro is onto it. If you are always at the beach or travelling, I highly recommend GoPro's for that reason.

10. Snorkel
My boyfriend and I love snorkelling, we could do it 24/7 if it was possible. I've always snorkelled with my family on holidays and I think that is where I got obsessed with it. I love seeing fish and other creatures and using my GoPro to record videos. I think there is so much peace in the ocean life. I love it. I recently made a video which you can check out here:

I hope you enjoyed reading through my beach essentials, and I hope this helped some of you who are entering Summer really soon.  Make sure to check out if, you are looking for cheaper rentals for an upcoming holiday! 

Much Love, 
Shannon xx


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