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If you're lacking inspiration for easter outfits then you're in the right place!

Hello again! I decided to do an Easter Outfit Inspiration post because you all loved the Valentine's Day Outfit post so much!


This is such a simple outfit but it looks so put together. This is definitely something you'd find me in this Easter. If you know me I love block colours, because they are so easy to re-create different looks.

I love the jumper and jeans together just due to the look of simplicity with them together.

I added these sandals because they are such a huge trend at the moment and I wanted to go for a more casual look. As Easter is in Spring in Australia, I thought these shoes would be the way to go!

The watch just adds a bit of wow to the outfit! As, it is quite a statement piece.

And of course, you cannot forget your phone!


This outfit would be perfect for church on Easter Sunday! As, it's not too revealing.

Focusing on the pastel blue skirt which is a bit asymmetrical, I thought this was such a fun look!

The high neck shirt is amazing! And these shirts are so comfy and classy I promise!

You could change the skirt to any colour for length you want. And obviously if you're not into wearing heels there's always the option of sandals.

As this is quite a dressy look I added a nice Cartier bracelet, that could be any bracelet you'd like. And by adding the clutch you a ready for the Easter event you're going to!


This is for the girls who don't want to be dressed up or too dressed down.

As Easter is all about the pastels, I of course had to add a girly outfit with the pastel pink colour.

The white top perfectly compliments the skirt but if the top is too revealing you could always go with a less revealing top (as this is just an outfit inspiration guide).

The skirt is more of a pink/purple pastel and with this straight cut it makes the look a little bit more flirty.

I love the shoes. I think the co-ordinate so well with the top and really make the focus the pastel skirt.

Around it, I just added a few fun things you would use before and maybe even using the ears to make your outfit a little more fun!
This look would be perfect for seeing your boyfriend, maybe later on in the afternoon.


If you live in a country where it will be a bit hotter around Easter I think this is perfect. This is also perfect for an Easter beach day!

I love wearing white just because it looks clean and it will make any colour you're wearing stand out more! Hence, why I went with white to make the light washed denim blue shorts stand out.

This is also such a comfy outfit. Vans are definitely my go-to shoes for comfort, and they look effortlessly cool.

And around it I again just added a few things like lip balm to moisturise, lush bath bomb for after the beach and these pretty tulips because why not!


This is another outfit that is quite dressy. For some reason I went for this almost camel colour just to mix things up a lil bit!

This would be such a cool outfit for Easter! As it isn't revealing, and it looks so fashionable.

I mixed white and camel colour in the whole outfit! I love the look of the velvet top and I wanted that to be the main focus so I added the white knee-length skirt to make it super classy.

The shoes you could wear would be heels or sandals, depending on your preference or what you're doing that day. I went for these nude and white ones just to stick with the theme.

I obviously just added chocolate - because it's Easter duh! And some more cool accessories you could throw on too!

✿ So, what was your favourite outfit?? ✿

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again soon!

Much Love,
Shannon xxx


  1. I adore your blog! How did you put those pictures together? Check out my blog http://myweekinthefashionworld.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. hey there! I just used a website called polyvore xx