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Hello beauties,

I thought I'd do another Valentine's post as I had such an amazing response on the last post I did! This time though, focusing on outfit ideas. I know how hard it can be to try and work an outfit together , so I decided to use basic clothes or similar that many of you may have in your closet.

I've included 4 different possible outfit ideas, depending on what you're doing that day and how dressy you'd like to be!

I hope you enjoy this post!

1 ♥︎ This outfit is a great one for all you teens out there! If you've got a little day date with a beautiful boy this would be perfect!

The pink crop sweater is so cute and as Valentine's is always about the pinks and reds I decided to coordinate this in! The pink also makes it feel a bit more flirty.

I love the white high waisted shorts. I need to go and buy some myself! I love how the white just makes it look a bit more softer than adding a dark harsh colour!

Then I just added a few little things that could be added to this date and what types of shades you could do with your makeup.

2 ♥︎ This one is made for my girls on the go! If your Valentine's is going to be hectic, this is the perfect outfit to go to meetings, social events and dates in.

I added the coat just for the cooler countries but you could work this without the coat too. This outfit is so cool and casual but also looks put together.

I love the black, white and pink - which just makes the look a bit more Valentinesy (not a word).

It's definitely an easy outfit to put together and the pieces can be worn again in a total other outfit.

3 ♥︎ This is obviously the most dressy outfit of the lot! This is a beautiful option for a fancy dinner or something a bit more special! I love this because of how classy it is and it just would look amazing on anyone!

If you wanted to opt for a brighter look than you could easily change the colours on the clothing. The shoes of course, don't have to be heels, but I think it just looks a bit more feminine and pretty.

And if you live in a cooler climate it would be so easy just to add a jacket or coat over! and voilà!

This is just such a classic look. I LOVEEEEE ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎

4 ♥︎ This is a perfect outfit for lazing at home! I'm quite aware that not all of you are going to be hanging with a loved one on a date. And you should embrace giving yourself a lil love too!

This outfit is perfect for chucking on a face mask after a bath, watching movies on Netflix, checking social medias and just relaxing and cuddling up. (I know a few of you are from cooler places in the world , Australia girls opt for something a bit lighter because of the 40 degree weather lately!!)

You can use this outfit alone or with your girlfriends! (even with your boyfriend if you guys aren't bothered with the whole v day thing).

Much love to you all,
Shannon xxx


  1. You have choose nice outfits:) Love them!


  2. All of these are great outfits that we plan to try, even though Valentines Day already passed, thanks for sharing!

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