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Hello all and welcome back to my blog, 

I have literally just come from watching the movie LUCY which was directed by Luc Besson. And honestly, within these 20 minutes my mind has been going wild with crazy thoughts. This isn't something I would typically write about on my blog but I don't see why I can't!

The first being how much do we really know and how much can the human brain actually achieve. This was the main idea in Lucy as noone actually really knows the brains full potential. Last week in university actually, we were learning about the intelligence of the brain and how learning obviously can improve this and vice versa. But this is actually quite scary, according to the website Scientific American (2010) it can actually hold at least "2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes)" , due to the neurons within it. 

The second thing that got me thinking this way was the quote she says right at the start of the movie, I can't recall the full and proper quote but it was along the lines of, "look what humans have made of the world". I thought this was so interesting. Yes. Look what we have done to the world. It is something we've all thought about at some point, for school, while you've been daydreaming or even on holiday while you're learning about the olden day culture of a country while looking at the modern skyscrapers. In my case, I'd say nearly 90-95% of the things I see and use everyday are man made or machine made; my phone, my laptop, my clothes, my car, my bed, washing machine, my pens, even to the door I walk out of every morning to leave my house is man made! I'm not saying I have absolutely 100% of man made things in my home and that this is the case for everyone in the world but the fact is most of us experience this. But when do we actually appreciate the world without these things.

So, what can YOU do about it?! :
✿ Buy some plants to spice up your home, or even buy the materials to plant one yourself!
✿ Reflect on how lucky you are to be given these amazing objects and stop taking them for granted.
✿ Take care of our nature and animals. If this means, taking up being a vegan, vegetarian, don't hunt our wildlife - yes we have a great world but what about the generations after us, will they ever get to see these or will there just be robotic animals to take care of?? 
✿ The obvious but amazing one, go for a walk without technology! It's actually super satisfying and allows you to clear your head.
✿ And finally, find something you are most interested to excel in at university, school or even your job. (Find out more about the human brain, who knows, you may become the next big scientist ) Expand that brain!!

Leave a comment if you want telling me what you want to or wish to achieve for the environment and humans beans aha.  ;) 

Much Love, 
Shannon xx


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