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Hello beauties!!

I've been wanting to touch on the latest choker and necktie trend but, I haven't had any time to get around to it!! SO, in collaboration with TajaAus, I am proud to bring you this post.

Before we get straight into it, I would love to tell you all about a new little series called "TREND ALERT" that will be running on my blog. It will be featuring fashion and beauty trends, how I find them and whether they are worth the money. ▹ If you have any recommendations on what you would love to see in this series please leave a comment below!

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I swear everyone and their mother have been wearing chokers and neckties recently, and it has become a huge trend in fashion.

Recently, Perth girls created the brand @TajaAus where they started their own necktie and choker brand.

I love TajaAus because, their chokers and neckties are super affordable, they are handmade, Australian owned and are unique. The other bonus with TajaAus is that the neck ties and chokers are almost customisable, with ranging colours and options of the detailing in silver/gold, making it super easy for you to purchase exactly what you want.

I have pictures below of the neckties and chokers that I was lucky to get my hands on. And right at the bottom of this post I will list each products link.

I love these chokers and neckties and have been wearing them so much. They are so comfy and at the price they are listed as, definitely a must have fashion statement.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post 
I am working on a YouTube video on how to feature chokers and neckties in an outfit lookbook.

Much Love, 
Shannon xx

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