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Hello Lovelies! And welcome back to my blog! I know it's been quite a while since I posted but you'll have to forgive me as all my time has been on events such as Graduation, Christmas and New Years!

Today for you guys, I have part one of a special two part blog post. Basically, its an outfit and makeup post but i have just separated them so there's 2 posts! So look out for that!

I wanted to include some colour but also make it basic enough for you to incorporate different colours. I wanted to make it casual enough for the summer and make it easy enough to be able to be customised to your own style.

I think the top is just the right amount of brightness to go with the look, and it also reminds me of a 90's kind of movie like Napolean Dynamite.If I was opting for another colour I'd stick with a more washed out colour. 

I choose black jeans as black goes with most colours. The rips in them and a ankle cut off , which just makes the look even more casual and edgy but even without rips I think this look would look equally as cool.

The heels are just an option! I think this look could look cool with some solid colour sneakers too! I decided to choose a basic nude colour to focus peoples attention on the tops colour.

All the links are left down below for the clothing items in these photos.

See you soon, 
Shannon xxx

Links: ShirtJeans | Heels

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