Winter 'Bit Of Black' Collection | 6 Outfit Ideas ☆

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I haven't been as active as I should've been lately, but uni is getting crazy. I've nearly finished my bridging course so, it is getting a lil hectic at the moment. But I'll be back in no time with more blog posts!!

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It's getting closer to winter in Australia and it's starting to get super cold! So I decided to make a few outfits for you guys to get inspiration from. For these outfits, I HAD to incorporate the colour black because, I'm always leaning towards this colour in winter. I also figured that most people would be able to wear black.

 I love how these outfits turned out, and I can definitely see myself wearing every single one of them. I also tried to make sure that I got an outfit for most occasions (or at the least the most common occasions) that we find ourselves in during winter. The clothing pieces are also really simple so you guys can customise the outfit to your own style.

Business Chic 

I love this monochrome outfit. I feel like this is such a 'cool' outfit to wear anywhere. It can be suited to most occasions.

If you wanted to you could even add a pop of colour by, changing the white shirt to a brighter colour. Or swapping the leather jacket to a denim jacket.

I love the effect of the leather, it makes the outfit look so much more edgier.

So simple yet so cool.

Night Out 

I saw these boots and instantly thought of Pia Mia. She is always wearing boots like these and I was finally able to get my own black pair of these!! (Which I love!)

I love the Maroon Red with the Black jumper. I think this is such a cool outfit for a night out or a business meeting or something like that.

It's super modern but also really simple and classy.

Cosy Night-In 

Uhmmmm, YES! This is possibly the most go-to outfit for winter. (At least for me).

The bra though. So nice. And I need to get my hands on it ASAP!!

I love my nike sweat pants, they are super similar to the ones in this outfit. And they are so comfy and I'm always wearing them as actual pants. No-one ever knows because they look so great on (they look like you're purposely wearing track pants). I even made my boyfriend get his own pair and he freaking loves them and wears them constantly.

And obviously the makeup wipes, hot drink and lush bath bomb are a must for the winter season.

I love this. Especially to get nice and cosy and watch a movie.

Festival Spirit 

This is for all my festival fairies.

I avoid most festivals in winter. But I know there are a lot of you that still love the festival trend throughout all seasons!!

This playsuit I couldn't help myself. I love how it has the neck tie incorporated into the playsuit. Like heck yes!!

Denim jackets are always a must. Boots, well they're perfect for all seasons but winter especially. And I need to get some flat boots. I literally own so many heeled boots and I have no boots to wear on a day-to-day basis.

And I just added the black bag because it looks super festivally.

Classy Tea 

I love this. I love coats in the winter. Yet I don't own any. I think they just pull together any outfit and make them outfit fitted for winter. Plus they keep you warm!

I love this all black look. A look like this is always classy for a dinner, lunch, drinks with the girls. Any night event really.

Forever adding boots because they keep your feet warm in winter.  And these are just too pretty.


Vogue Funky ☆

Uh-huh honey. I am living for this tan colour right now. Omg.

Again, the coats are super warm and look amazing on!!

This dress looks super thick too, as it looks like it is made from that thick ribbed material. Which is super on-trend and comfy.

These boots though. I saw some of these on an Instagram page and I need some. For this, you could even add tights if you needed.

I want everything in this outfit.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this post.

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And I'll see you very soon 

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Shannon xx

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