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Hello all and welcome back to my blog,

I was recently contacted by Adore Me to put my spin on a Sexy Summer Lingerie Look and take part in their latest project #sexysummerylingerie. It got me thinking about what makes me feel sexy and confident in the Summertime. So, I decided to also add in some essentials that would match perfectly to this look.

As we are in the complete opposite to Summer in Australia, I found it pretty hard to recollect what summery look I should go for… For this look, I decided base it around the Lavender Purple colour of this bra. For me personally, I’m not too keen on much colour. Hence why especially in summer this was a good decision as it can be worn under any coloured clothes to make you have an extra boost of confidence. 

For me feeling sexy, is looking classy. I love any lace on bras and I feel that lace just adds a sense of sexiness and classiness to a bra too. This bra is quite cute with polka dots which makes the bra feel more stylish, as who doesn’t love a few polka dots?? Also head to this page to check out Adore Me'sBras and Panties page.

I love the idea of pearls, sparkles, heels, makeup and a nice fresh scent to keep me feeling good. Wearing these things boost my self esteem immediately and make me feel super elegant.  

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Pumps are my favourite style of heel to ever wear. I wore these silver ones from Zu, last year to my ball and I am forever trying to find another special occasion to wear them. I love the glitz and classy feel to these and they made me feel super sexy that night. Whenever I need to wear any sort of heel in the Summertime, these are always my go-to style.

I looooveee pearls!! Pearls can enhance and chic-up any outfit. I love wearing pearls within the summertime because they are white, light weight and go with any outfit.

Makeup is one of my most favourite things in the world. I live for it. And I obviously couldn’t do a flat lay without a piece of makeup in it!! It makes me so much more confident! I decided to add this Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara because it is waterproof and super duper long lasting (believe me). Obviously mostly in Summer you need/want waterproof mascara because it’s super hot and you’ll either be sweating or jumping in the pool later. So therefore, it’s and essential.

Scents are the most important thing to me in Summer. I want to be smelling good all the time (especially in Summer) and so, I had to include one of my most recent purchases, Gucci Guilty. I feel like this scent is quite mature and different to all the sweeter scents I usually lean towards. Usually in Summer, I am wearing sweet and fruity scents but if I want to feel sexy, I will lean towards a more mature scent like this one.

Last thing, is a notebook. In Summer especially, I feel way more active and I am always coming up with heaps of ideas. I am always carrying a notebook in my bags because I will think of things in the most random moments aha. I love this one because I need to have a little sparkle somewhere to make me feel sexy and confident. 

So there you have it, my #sexysummerylingerie and essentials. I hope this helped a few of you to embrace your inner sexiness.

And leave me a comment below telling me what your summer essentials or, lingerie picks would be!

I hope you enjoyed this blog :)

Much Love, 
Shannon xx

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