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OKAY SO can we all just talk about Kendall Jenner's recent outfit!

Kendall was spotted out in London on the 29th of June and in my opinion, this would have to be one of her best outfits.

The beautiful Kendall Jenner was dressed in a simple and casual 90's inspired look.

Firstly, I am in love with the India yellow cropped high neck jumper. UGH! This is the sort of top that would be perfect right now for Winter in Australia. Kendall rocks this, despite the fact that some people are jealous because she's showing off her teeny tiny waist.
This yellow/brown is something we have actually seen Kendall wearing a lot recently. I can say it (is a very good choice) matches her skin tone perfectly.

Mom Jeans, I am not the biggest fan of Mom jeans, then again I have never owned a pair.
The jeans are a perfect blue to match the jumper and I love the crop on the ankles. The high waist is a 'yes' from me , and I'll definitely be on the lookout to find a pair of jeans like these to try.

The silver shoes from Barbara Bui just top off the outfit by adding a simple but chic shine to the look. IN LOVE!
This girl can rock anything. The shoes aren't something I would usually opt for but Kendall wearing these is just , I have no words.

I love how simple Kendall is dressing lately and how she is opting for clothing choices that she never usually wears. She makes this outfit look like it could suit anyone because of how casual it all is.

When planning outfits - Kendall is always one i go to for inspiration, because her looks are just so basic and you can recreate them within your own style and price.

Kendall, You go girl!

Until next time
Much love,
Shannon xxx

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