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Hello again!

First let me start off by saying how many reviews I have heard about these brushes! Oh my gosh!!! 
After years and years of scabby brushes it was time to upgrade my collection and I honestly don't think I could've chosen a better set! 

Buying this set is probably the best decision I have made in my life so far. Consisting of 8 beautifully crafted brushes and a beautiful pouch to keep them in, I suppose you could say we were destined. Can we also just mention how obsessed I am with the rose gold ughhhh! *drools...*


Zoeva is a German makeup brand that each brush is made from the mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. The brand has a well-known name, as we can see by how many people are raving about how beautiful the brushes are. 

Now let me entice you into the beauty of these brushes...

Right to Left -->
142 / concealer brush: I am in love! This brush is so amazing to blend concealer in and I can honestly say this works a treat. This beautiful brush heaps to cover any spots of dark areas, which I cannot miss when I am doing my makeup routine, I just can't explain my love for this one!

102 / Silk Finish: I used to use the most disgusting brush you've ever probably seen to do my foundation until I fell in love with my beauty blender but now I think I'm never going back. By using this by dabbing into my skin and using it in circular motions.

317 / Wing Liner: I am unable to comment on this as I love using regular liquid eyeliner to line my eyes, just as I find it just so convenient to use . But I would love to try this though, and I shall let you know.

127 / Luxe Sheer Cheek: If you've ever met me, you would know how much I love to contour and bronze my cheeks! I am obsessed and it's something I have to do everyday no matter what. I love using this brush to highlight above my cheeks and in any spots that need highlighting. This brush could also use this to bronze and even contour.

227 / Luxe Soft Definer: This brush is amazing to blend out eyeshadows. It blends amazingly and it blends colours together so well.

106 / Powder: During the day it is the worst thing to get oily. This brush is the cure to all these problems. It is so easy to apply powdered foundation all over the face and spreads it out evenly.

231 / Luxe Petit Crease: This brush is perfect for blending out a smokey eye. It is beautifully structured to fit and apply eye shadow in the crease. An amazing brush if you want to give the eyes shape.

110 / Face Shape: As I said previously, I am a girl who loves to contour. This brush is amazing at contouring and is so easy and beautiful to use. I cannot express this brush in words but wow. 

I can truly say I'm about as impressed as anyone else is with these brushes. They are fabulous and are definitely worth the money. I am keep to get my hands on the beautiful vegan brushes by Zoeva as well and please let me know any amazing brushes that I could try! At the moment I am keen to explore different brushes and expand myself in that area. 

Much Love, Shannon 

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