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Hey guys,

I can't believe it's finally come to the day I turn 18 ??? What !! Tbh, it's crazy that I made it here! I feel super old..

Let me apologise firstly for the lack of posts... This seems to be a routine in every one of my posts now. It's just crazy at the moment with exams, BUT I have all of next week off meaning I will be able to write a few posts and get in front for the next couple of weeks.

It was quite weird going to school on my birthday, as mine is always in the school holidays. I had an English Mock this morning for school. It went alright, my hand is slightly still numb and I had to repeat a whole essay because I read the question but it's done. I am now I am taking a well deserved break on my birthday and procrastinating studying for my Human Bio Mock exam that is tommorrow. So I can't even go out!! Not Fair!

Continuing on with how old I feel, one of my second cousin's is 8 today! He is the most gorgeous boy and I'm so happy I get to share this day with him!!

I am still waiting patiently for my presents as mum has been in Broome the past week so she hasn't had time to go get any, so she has had to go today. Dad has absolutely spoiled me and gave me my presents last week because he lives us in Toodyay. I'm sure I could do a "What I got for My Birthday" post later this week..

Excuse my choice of outfit today, I really just couldn't wear something nice because today I'm all about that comfort vibe.

Before you ask, I am going out on Saturday night to the Atrium at the Crown with my mum's family and a few close friends. And then my friends and I are going out clubbing afterwards YEOW !!!

I'm super excited for the new experiences and I can't wait, (except the fact that I'm just going to have more responsibilities )
Much Love,

Shannon xx

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