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I thought today I'd do a bit of a random post, as I haven't had much time to take the photos that I had planned in my head.

As per usual, I have spent most days with my own thoughts, especially this past week as I've been by myself for most of it, and with my Instagram. As you'd probably guess I follow many celebrities as most people do to keep up to date with their gossip and latest fashion looks.

But then, my mind started to wander with how celebrities cope and how busy their days would be and it just got me thinking! So, today I've decided to do a countdown of 10 lessons you can learn from current celebrities!!

10. Essena O'neill: Firstly, I don't label her as a celebrity (I'm not a fan!!) and I fully do not agree with her actions. But she had a good point about blocking out the outside world. Take some time out of your day to really enjoy the world and get outside and make experiences!!!

9. Kanye West : Be in love with yourself before being in love with anyone else!! If you aren't in love with yourself first you're constantly going to be feeling insecure about everything and you may create unnecessary problems! I used to be like this but now I am honestly so happy with everything about myself and I don't care what anyone thinks anymore.

8. Miley Cyrus: Give to those with less fortune than you! I can't stress about how much I agree with this lesson. I believe in good karma, as in what goes around comes back around. I think Miley could present herself a bit more sophisticated when doing this but at least she is doing these good deeds!

7. Kylie Jenner: Stop complaining and do something about it, if you are not happy with your looks! Honestly, people constantly complaining about themselves always annoys most people so if you just commit and fix an insecurity you'll instantly feel much better and in some cases you can keep friendships!!

6. Zayn Malik: Don't do something if your heart is truly not in it! I'm a sucker for this one too. You might as well be happy doing nothing than be unhappy doing something that you hate!

5. Beyonce: ALWAYS BE A FKN QUEEN BEE B****!!! Even if it is just you thinking that to yourself. That is all.

4. Kim Kardashian: Don't be afraid to change your look up! You do not have to act or look a "certain way". If you get bored change your look and try something new, spend some money on new clothes or hair or any other beauty related things. Sometimes doing this you'll feel more refreshed and may even get new ideas on styles.

3. Selena Gomez: Be confident in your own skin! Being confident is the best feeling ever I promise! And it can help you do anything you want or put your mind to! Selena was always an inspiration of mine and I think her being such a confident woman, helped me to feel way more confident!

2. Ariana Grande: Stand up for what you believe in! Ariana over the last year has stood up for many issues in the media. Whether it's about gay rights or feminism, you're allowed to believe in anything you want!

1. Justin Bieber: Sometimes mistakes can make good!!!!! I've always been a fan of Justin so I've seen all his tough times. I think sometimes, you do need to make mistakes to make you realise how you can better yourself and relationships around others and how you portray yourself.  Remember it's never a bad thing to make mistakes!

So I hope you enjoyed this different post??? It's not something I would usually do but it was actually quite fun! If you're new, make sure you check out my other posts!

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