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Hello all!

 I know some of you won't celebrate Valentine's day (or in other words Singles Awareness Day) ! But some of you may be looking for some inspiration of what to buy for your man, some of these can also be used for girls too!!

As some of you may be on a budget, I decided to include 5 that were a reasonable price range and 5 that are more higher priced if you really want to spoil that special man/ woman in your life. If you also wanted too you could also mix a few of these to make a little gift basket for them


1. Chocolates ♥︎ Of course this is one of the most basic gifts for Valentine's Day, you can never go wrong with a bit of choccy! You can even look at places to get it personalised if you want!! If you're on a health kick or just don't want to buy chocolate go for a favourite food of your lover's. I think this is so good to add to any present just for a little extra.

2. DVD's ♥︎ Buy a few DVD's that your partner and you have been dying to see and that aren't available on good ole' Netflix. Make a night out of it and add a few sweets in the gift too for a movie night with him or her!

3. 6 pack of favourite beer ♥︎ I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute!!! What you do is, buy a pack of their favourite alcohol or drinks and on each bottle write a reason you love this person! This makes the gift seem a little more personalised and anyone would love the thoughts on each bottle. (Also, a good gift so that the person doesn't have to buy drinks next time they are going out ahaha)

4. Lush Products ♥︎ Lush is a winner with almost everyone. I know my boyfriend loves showers and keeping himself clean so why not spoil him with something he wouldn't usually buy for himself. I know especially for Valentine's day Lush make scents such as "Prince Charming" which I think is just too sweet.

5. Perfume ♥︎ Perfume scents are great for either guys or girls! And there are so many scents in varying price ranges which makes it a cute little gift to add or to make it the main present! I loovee getting perfumes it's the best!

6. Peter Alexander PJ's ♥︎ Again, another gift for girls or guys! Get them something comfy for bed , I love Peter Alexander , seriously the best brand and comfiest PJ's. If you don't want to spend so much just get any cute PJ's for them. (You could even get matching sets!)

7. Charging Case ♥︎ How many times has your phone died when you needed it the most. This is a great gift for anyone on any occasion! I'm always at festivals with my boyfriend and he's always struggling keeping his phone alive, so I think it's perfect!

8. Experience ♥︎ If you literally have no clue what to get your partner this Valentine's Day get them something to do! Like the outdoor movies, the zoo, skydiving as well, or just a dinner! You could even make it cuter instead of paying double the price on Valentine's Day make a little coupon for them to use whenever they like.

9. Underwear ♥︎ Get them some expensive underwear! Something again most people wouldn't buy themselves. I think this is perfect because you can spend a bit of cash on something with a brand , and that they would really appreciate.

10. Watch ♥︎ A watch is perfect if you really want to spoil that loved one in your life. Good brands for girls could be Guess,  Mimco or even Michael Kors. For men brands such as Daniel Wellington, Tommy Hilfiger or Emporio Armani.


I hope this helped a little bit! Even if you got some inspiration for a different idea you could do yourself!

I hope you have a

lovely Valentine's Day!!

Much love,
Shannon xx

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