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 Hello Lovelies and Welcome back!

With Valentine's Day literally a few days away from us, I decided to write a post on a few ideas that you could do if you've left the date planning to the last minute and can't get a booking anywhere!
I thought I'd start off with the most basic ones that many people may call 'cliche'. But I'm sure if you've left it until the last minute any type of date will do!

Netflix and Chill ♥︎ This is a date many couples will choose this Valentine's day. You can make it a little bit more special by buying each other a gift, getting cuddly and cosy without the stress of getting dressed up to go anywhere. This is such an easy date because you could even order take out and get it delivered or go pick it up! (Movie Marathon!!!)

Beach Picnic ♥︎ I think this is the sweetest thing ever. Going down to the beach to watch the sunset or even going on a walk along the beach before you set up the picnic. Just making sure you really spend time with that person! This is so easy and it won't cost a fortune! Just take out or even a pre made meal is sure to tickle your loved one fancy! This date is nice and relaxed and you don't even need to get each other gifts if you don't want to! (This could even be a breakfast on the beach watching the sunrise).

Home Made Meal & Service ♥︎  This one is for all the boys out there (this is obviously not limited to boys though)! Tell your lady to come over dressed nice and make her a meal, give her some wine, be at her service! Really spoil this gal. Even surprise her by getting her a small gift that's hidden somewhere among all the food.

Hike ♥︎ If you are quite a sporty couple go out on a hike or a walk. This is so fun because you get to exercise without even feeling bored, like you would at the gym. Find a nice hiking route or just any route around the city or the water. You could even go to lunch afterwards or just hang out.

A Cooking Lesson ♥︎ Give your lover a cooking lesson. Have a bit of fun. And if that means getting messy in the kitchen, then so be it. All you would need is ingredients for a meal or dessert you're making, but this is one of the easiest ways to make memories and get your fiancee smiling and having fun.

Take Your Lover Shopping ♥︎ If you haven't brought your date anything and you know you need to, take them shopping! Set a limit equal to their gift to you or a bit higher and let them choose what they want. You could make a day out of it by going to one store then getting lunch then going to another. This is so easy and if it's a girl, it will be so easy to spend hours with her ahaha.

Do An Activity They Enjoy ♥︎ This is such a cool idea because it shows the other person in your relationship, things that you do in your spare time. Take her to the golf course if thats what you like and then go have a massage if that is what she enjoys. The options are endless.

Rent a Hotel Room In Your Hometown ♥︎ I love this idea because it's like you are travelling but without going anywhere. Rent a hotel room, go out for a day sightseeing, pretend you are tourists! I know my own boyfriend lives in our hometown and has hardly seen any places so I'm always taking him there.

Plan A Holiday ♥︎ Tell her she needs to take so much time off work (whatever dates and however long you are planning to travel for). Then surprise her with a ticket to the place you are taking them to that you know they've wanted to go to forever! I think this is such a cool idea, because then you get to spend time with that person and you can make a "Valentine's Day" over in that place. (This also doesn't need to be a long holiday it could just be a few days out of town or whatever.)

Group Date ♥︎ This is perfect for new couples or couples who don't really celebrate the day but want to do something. I was thinking rounding up the gang together going for a picnic , having a meal at someone's house or even going out clubbing ! I love this idea because then you are spending time with everyone you love!!!

So that's all for now! I hope this helped any of you who were struggling to find some activity or date to do this Valentine's Day!

See you all soon!

Much Love,

Shannon xx

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