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Hello and welcome back to my blog!!

Today I have an exciting post for you all!

Let me start off by saying I am not a vegan, however I choose to use products that are vegan and that fight animal cruelty. I just feel that these are just better for my skin but I also love supporting anything to do with animals.

Of course not everything I own is 100% vegan but I do try my best to buy as much as I can that are actually vegan.

So, let's get into the post!

 I decided to do this today as many bloggers do include vegan products but don't do a whole entire post on it. So, I just thought I'd share with you all my favourite Vegan products ever!

Let's start off with Bondi Sands tan. I'm not 100% sure that this is vegan but I did look online a couple of months back and it said it was. I thought I would include this in here as it's literally one of my favourite products ever. Bondi Sands gives me the most natural tan ever that lasts a while. I either get the mousse, spray, the lotion or the gradual tanning lotion and they all work so well! I love this product also because it is just so affordable. I buy mine at Priceline but they are also available online here.

Everyone knows that Lush is a vegetarian company but not all their products are 100% vegan friendly. This product however is vegan. This is one of my favourite facial scrubs of all time, I've gone through so many tubs. It is however quite an intense scrub so I would steer away from this if you have sensitive skin. I love how this really gets rid of the dirt and dead skin off your face and how it leaves your face feeling so soft. I use this face scrub once a week or before a big event and it makes me feel so much better. This is available here.

The next product is one of my WHOLE family's all time favourites!  It is the Original Source shower gel. I LLLLOOOOVVVEEE this product because it is so nice and smells so yummy! I love the Vanilla & Raspberry scent but my brother opts for the Lime or the Mint scents (which leaves you feeling tickly under your armpits). These products are 100% vegan and there is nothing I could ever complain about with this product and they are so affordable! I usually buy mine from Coles but any of these scents are available here.

The Hello Hair Mask. Lord. I am obsessed. This is again 100% vegan and only uses natural ingredients , of course. It makes my hair so so so shiny! At first I was really skeptical about this product as it is super duper oily and I was like ehhh putting it in my hair, but honestly never has my hair looked so good until putting this in. I use this before any special occasions and every time I use it someone always compliments my hair - I kid you not.
You won't regret this buy, it's available here !

The last items are these Zoeva brushes! I have one set already that I bought when I was first getting into higher end makeup that aren't vegan. And I said to myself when I was looking for another set that I would only buy the Vegan Set. But I was on Sephora Australia one day and these beauties popped up so I bought them! These are 100% vegan, I made sure! And I love them. They are quite pricy but these last so so long and the quality is amazing. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my non-vegan Zoeva brushes. These particular Bamboo ones are sold out. I can go through this whole set if any of you would like to see that.

I hope you enjoyed this post! And leave me any comments on what Vegan products you use that I should try!!

Much Love,
Shannon xxxx

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