I'm Terribly Sorry! | Shann0nRenae

Hello all!

I'm so sorry I haven't had a new post in forever!!! School has just been hectic and it has been ridiculously intense over the past few weeks. However, I have only 2 more weeks left and I am hoping to create a few posts this weekend that I will be able to release to you guys while I am studying for my exams. (WISH ME LUCK!!) After my exams I will of course be trying to post multiple times a week for you guys.. There is one problem though, I would love to do some reviews on brands but I am struggling with money at the moment and need to save up for holidays!! So, I would love for you guys to request some posts that I can write or any brands that are needing reviews to let me know! That would be wonderful.

Again I am super sorry I have been so busy!!

I freakin' love you all so much
Shannon xxxx

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