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Top 6 Celebrity/Youtuber Outfit Picks!!
So, this blog post was originally going to be posted about 6 weeks back. But school has been ridiculous the past 2 months and I haven't had time to finish it. The blog was also going to be a "Top 10 Outfit Picks" but due to lack of time on my hands, I have had to keep it to my favourite top 6 that I completed prior to deciding to post this unfinished blogpost. I hope you all understand and love the picks that I have chosen.

1. Pia Mia
After following Pia Mia for a couple of years, we're all kind of used to all the flannelette shirts and denim shorts she wears. But recently she has been killing it with fashion! I've included my 2 favourite outfits she has worn over the past month

Pia dressed this outfit with a plain white singlet, some distressed denim shorts, a pair of thigh high chocolate coloured high heeled boots and a blue with white flannelette shirt that is wrapped around her waist.

I love this look because it is so easy to recreate it yourself and i just think it's a perfect transition from day to night look.

 The next look, I instantly fell in love with and I am yet to recreate this myself at the perfect opportunity! Pia teams a tight black cropped singlet with a pair of 3/4 length army pants and a pair of original Adidas.

I literally can't explain my love for this outfit, I love how different it is to all the other outfits people are wearing nowadays, sort've tomboyish but the black crop makes it very girly in a sense. It's also very casual and could be worn anywhere. (Again very easy to recreate!!)

The Princess Pia Mia is definitely a style icon to look out for.

2. Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid is major girl crush at the moment! For real! Gigi has a relaxed style and is probably the style that is mostly close to mine. Gigi wears a lot of denim with plain, block colour, casual shirts with either boots or sneakers that tie in the relaxed look. Even though Gigi's style is very basic, it's an easy trend to look at if you are having lack of inspiration whilst getting ready.

The first look i picked out, it very casual. It can be easily worn in Winter or Autumn because denim never really goes out of style.

In this look Gigi sports a double denim. She uses a lighter denim jacket to contrast that it is not a jumpsuit sort of feel but a more put together look. The jumper also has a nice white lining of fur for extra which also makes the outfit look more "badass". She wears a plain white tee that has a slogan or some sort of writing that I can't really make sense of. Some dark ripped jeans again making it look like no effort was put in but also like she means business. And lastly, a brown leather bag, which it just beautiful, no other words.
Oath to this next outfit! Can I say anymore?

Gigi is wearing a full white outfit that consists of a customised leather jacket, a two piece set (crop and a maxi skirt) and a pair of simple strappy heels.

Gigi wore this outfit to the MMVAS, and in my opinion she had the best outfit of the night.

I love how this all one colour and it's so so so nice! The statement jacket has to my main favourite as her last name is printed in a clear plastic sort of material and it just completes the whole look.

3. Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian has been having a few problems lately (don't worry I won't be going into that as it upsets me as much as I bet it does to you!) but that hasn't stopped from looking as fabulous as she did before! The mummy of 3 children(!!) still manages to look drop dead gorgeous in every thing she wears.
This has to be my favourite outfit of all time by Kourtney! If you don't know me personally my favourite colour white (I swear it's not a shade) hence, this outfit is just heaven. 

The dress is just so Kourtney and I love that she is sporting a A-line style dress that doesn't look horrible on short girls! (Amen, if you're part of the short sister club)

There's nothing wrong with a little bit of self promotion, as Kourtney is seen wearing the new Kardashian Kollection boots, an must I say i NEED to get my hands on those snake skin babies!!

Kourtney yet again, a few days after, rocked another outfit (Literally!). 

She is seen to be wearing a rocker-style like outfit after all the problems that has been happening in her life lately. I love the faded grey Police singlet and the super distressed jeans.

The shoes she is wearing are my favourite type of heel. Pumps. I believe the pumps she has on are a metallic silver, which kind of brings a dressed up vibe to the outfit.

I love this because this is something Kourtney rarely wears, as she is more into the boho style clothing.

The outfit makes her look like she means business, and can be easily recreated with any band t-shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and if you don't want to wear heels you could go for a pair of boots or sneakers, like converse.

4. Kendall Jenner
Following in her eldest sisters footsteps is the one and only Kendall Jenner. This girl is literally fashion goals for most of the girls I know. The 19 year old has a dream closet and her modelling career has helped her to rock outfits that no-one would've predicted in the first Keeping Up With The Kardashians series.

This is such a simple look, again if you're on a budget so easy to recreate with stuff that is already in your wardrobe. Plain white tee, i can't tell whether it's black wet look jeans or faux leather leggings (I guess either would work) and a pair of tanned boots or even heels. You can replicate bags anywhere so don't you worry about that one.

I just love how basic this is. It's so monochrome and a pop of brown is really unusual to see in a monochrome outfit.
You could basically wear this outfit anywhere, it's just drop dead gorgeous and looks great on and is probably the most comfiest outfit to wear.

The thing I love about Kendall is that she wears the same thing a few times but in different ways. She is so easy to get inspiration from because if you don't like one the looks she has worn a particular item in, chances are that she probably has worn it again in another way.

Hence, the shoes. This time she pairs it with a white t-shirt (again), a fluffy white jumper and very very distressed blue jeans.

I love the camel colour the bag, that is just a few shades lighter than the shoes but it creates a cool contrast and the two browns really work in favour with this outfit. Not to mention her Fendi keychain with ties the blue and brown together.

Ultimate Style Icon.

5. Rahnee Bransby (Youtuber)
Rahnee is a 17 year old local Perth girl, like me, and oh my goodness her style!! She wears the most amazing outfits ever and if you haven't checked her out, you seriously need to (Instagram: @RahneeBransby_). Although I am not the most daring person with clothes, Rahnee really just inspires me to pick up different styles and textures that I would have never picked up.  She has a sort of boho-chic style that is gorgeous.

The first outfit is so gorgeous and I felt like a little bit of a stalker when I screen-shotted this from her snapchat aha , but it's such a gorgeous outfit.

I love how simple the top is and how it makes the skirt more like the statement piece of this outfit. A lot of people don't wear leopard print anymore so I love how this outfit is challenging that. Belts are really in as well right now, loving the feel of this, the belt ties the whole look together and makes the outfit feel more countryside rather than a basic city look. And the boots are too die for and I need some of them in my life.

Over all this is such a pretty outfit and it can worn anywhere and can I just say look how comfy it looks. Rahnee shows us that looking good does not have painful.

This next outfit is amazing. Probably my favourite outfit she has ever worn.

This is a basic outfit with nothing too crazy going on but all the different colours together look so amazing! A grey high neck tight cropped singlet with a pair of washed out blue Harlem? styled pants, a brown western style jacket and the same boots and belt she wore in the previous photo.

I need to recreate this. Rahnee seriously has the best style and is so daring with her choices and it just makes me love her even more.

6. Gabriella Demartino (Youtuber)
 This girl is seriously goals. I love how girly she is, she's so gorgeous and she gets a lot of hate for looking similar to Ariana Grande (Leave the poor girl alone!). No but seriously, I'm just going to get straight into her outfits because they are perfection.

This outfit just reminds of a more modern version of Clueless. I love how the plaid skirt isn't in your face and not too bright and she adds a basic white crop to the outfit.

The black pumps are too die for and her bag ties in the whole look together, being the same colour as the skirt.

This look is amazing and you could recreate the look for either a daily use or even a costume party.

Love, love, love.

The next outfit is pretty plain but it's still so beautiful. I love how the whole outfit is black and her bag is mint. Making the beautiful colour of the bag stand out so so much.

Playsuits are so good and easy to dress up and they make you look as if you have put a lot of effort in, even when you haven't.

I have being following Gabi for about a year now and her style has grown so so much and I'm love with it.

*Note to Self : Stop saying "I'm in love"

Thank you all so much for reading this and I again am terribly sorry about my lack of posts and this unfinished one. I hope you can all understand as year 12 is hectic!!!!!

Much love,
Shannon xx

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